Just some things happening around the Tabor house.

Monte Vista



Bellamy Tabor adorable toddler. :)



I knew I’ve seen those eyes before. 


Bought the playpen from the store. It’s a nifty little thing and Bellamy loves it.


Adults can even play with the tots while they’re in the pen.

Alec aged up.

The house they were in in Dragon Valley was way too small so Alec took this opportunity to move everyone to Monte Vista! :D

The house has a frickin court yard! I was so excited. As far as the rest of the town, think Assassins Creed. Looks real old and pretty.

With a new room, came a new family member. She’s so beautiful. Seems like just yesterday it was June who was pregnant. Awww.

Speaking of June. The dishwasher broke and I figured she would be fine since she had the handiness skill maxed out. Nope. She fried and died. I was screaming at my screen. “Noooooooooo!!!!!”

Grim showed up of course and she begged. At least for enough time to meet her grand baby. But Grim’s a heartless butthole.

Poor Hugh was right there too and witnessed it all.

Grim seeing Hugh in tears, went up stairs to drink. What’d I say? Heartless. At this point I was scared of the dishwasher so I called in a handyman.

The Deathwasher claimed another victim. At this point, I just got rid of it. I just couldn’t risk another family member.

After all the death, Bellamy Tabor was born.  

Champs Les Sims, France.

Alec missed his parents and returned home. Just in time though because his parents were about to age up.

Uggg old. But it did get him thinking about the future.

He met Sun Young Kim on his last visit to Shang Simla, and upon returning invited her to his vacation home.

Things progressed from there and he invited her to move in and return home with him to meet his parents.

They both liked her. 

I gave her a makeover after that. I had bought this kimono on impulse and it seemed to fit her well sooooo

I had never had a sim from a different land in my household before and I caught her eating pancakes with chopsticks. :D

There was really only one place this could go.

Can’t get over how beautiful she is. Might keep that hair too. 

Shang Simla, China.

Alec is all grown up and taking a trip around the world. Al Simhara, Egypt.

Alec is now a teen.

And now that he’s older he is trusted with a dragon. This little guy is Helios the red dragon.

Helios with Dragomara.

They seem to really get along.

As a Dragon trainer herself, it no surprise that Helios like June.

Don’t look at me like that, Alec. I didn’t invent homework.

Other than two dragons running the house, things were pretty normal.